We work with Bermuda’s top 20 employers in insurance, reinsurance and banking – ensuring their arriving and departing staff have the relocation support they need.

From C-suite executives to corporate support staff, we tailor each relocation package to each individual clients needs.

We have an experienced team of three Relocation Consultants ready to make your transition to or from Bermuda a seamless one.


Orientation Tours

ASTWOODCOur orientation tour is ideal for interview candidates, new hires and for those looking at Bermuda as a destination of choice for living and working.

We provide a tour of residential areas, an overview of community facilities – schools, places of worship, recreational amenities and shops. Bermuda Customs, transportation options and licensing procedures, lifestyle activities, ways to get involved and to meet people are all discussed. Analysis of the shipping process, the cost of living, utilities and pet importation is provided. On departure our clients have a better understanding of Bermuda, what living here is all about and how special Bermuda really is.


Moving to Bermuda

ARCHITECFor individuals, couples and families moving to Bermuda involves a major lifestyle change. We are here to help them navigate through the initial and most challenging stages.

Our personal relocation package includes help finding a home, lease negotiation, shipping liaison, utility accounts set up, vehicle testing and licensing assistance, car/moped purchase, insurance cover facilitation, school registration, introduction to clubs and societies, coordination of furniture delivery on arrival in Bermuda including attendance during the furniture unloading, assistance moving from short term accommodation to their new island home including a grocery and household shopping trip. Our service is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Ensuring our clients are comfortable with all aspects of their new life in Bermuda is the very special nature of what we do. We also provide each client with a CCB Relocation Handbook containing all of the important information that will guide them through their time in Bermuda.


Departing Bermuda

suitcaseRepatriating families, executives transferring to sister offices world-wide and for those whose work permit has expired, we work with them on their departure needs.

We coordinate the lease termination process and security deposit refund negotiations, initiate the outbound shipping, oversee packing and ensure shipping document completion, plan disconnection of utilities, accounts closure, mail forwarding, coordinate cleaners, painters, repair personnel as per lease requirements. Our assistance enables our clients to focus on work right up until the end of their time on island and to enjoy their final days in Bermuda.